Click to enlargeThe 14 Holy Helpers

By Fr. Bonaventure Hammer
The stories and special intercessory powers of 14 early Saint-Martyrs invoked for numerous special needs, such that they came to be called "The 14 Holy Helpers."

"The Fourteen Holy Helpers" are invoked as follows:
Achatius, against headaches.
Barbara, against lightning, fire, explosion & sudden death.
Blaise, against diseases of the throat.
Catherine, by philosophers, students & lawyers.
Christopher, by travellers.
Denis, against headaches & rabies.
Erasmus, against cramp & diseases of the intestines
Eustace, by hunters & sometimes to save us from fire of all kinds, including eternal fire
George, by soldiers & sometimes against skin diseases
Giles, against epilepsy, insanity, sterility & cases of demonic possession
Margaret, by pregnant women & during childbirth
Pantaleon, against phthisis & other wasting diseases.
Vitus (or Guy), against epilepsy & against the 'dance' bearing his name.

In the book are prayers to the fourteen Holy Helpers. You also receive 11 Third Class Relic Cloths for most of the Saints and a miniature statue of St. Barbara. (When available we will include a 1/4 oz of St. Blaise Holy Water)