Click to enlargeThe Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI
Why The New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid
Creation and Miracles, Past and Present
Death and the Journey Into Hell

This DVD gives the most essential information for a person to save his soul in these days. The programs on Creation and Death explain the origin and end of man, and the terrible consequences of rejecting God. The programs on Benedict XVI and the New Mass explain the present crisis in the Church, in which antipopes rule from Rome and have replaced the traditional Latin Mass with an invalid Protestant service.

DVD: The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI

This DVD shows that Benedict XVI is a manifest heretic. It shows that Benedict XVI teaches:

that Our Lord may not be the Messiah

that the Old Covenant is valid

that Jews and others can be saved without believing in Christ

that schismatics and Protestants don't need conversion

that non-Catholics are not bound to accept Vatican I

that Protestant Monasteries should be formed

that Protestantism is not even heresy

that Mass is valid without words of Consecration

that infant baptism has no purpose

that Scripture is filled with myths

that he esteems other religions

that the false religion of Islam is noble

that pagan religions are high

that salvation can be had outside the Church

that Catholic dogmas need to be purged

that Vatican II rejected Catholic teaching on religious liberty

that the unity of the Church does not exist

that the Resurrection of the Body will not occur

This DVD contains unparalleled research that has been derived from reading 24 books and many speeches from Benedict XVI.

Approximate Time: 1 hour, 5 min.

DVD: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid

This DVD shows:

incredible and shocking pictures of the sacrileges and profanations that are commonplace at the New Mass

that the New Mass systematically removed traditionally Catholic concepts from the true Mass

that the New Mass is the changing of the Catholic Mass into a Protestant service

that the New Mass, which was instituted by Paul VI after Vatican II, is not Catholic, sacrilegious, scandalous and invalid

that the New Rite of Ordination which was instituted by Paul VI on June 18, 1968 after Vatican II suffers from the same defects as the Anglican Rite of Ordination, which was declared to be invalid by Pope Leo XIII in his infallible Bull Apostolicae Curae

Approximate Time: 47 minutes

DVD: Creation & Miracles, Past and Present

An Extremely Important Tape That Everyone Needs to See!

This DVD:

disproves Evolution

gives evidence of a worldwide flood

gives evidence of Biblical and modern day miracles

shows incorrupt bodies of saints

shows pictures of Eucharistic miracles

discusses the miraculous details of the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ

Approximate Time: 1 hour

DVD: Death and the Journey Into Hell

This DVD shows:

how short life really is

how quickly we are forgotten after we die

the pains and various tortures of Hell

the fewness of the saved

the ways to avoid Hell

Approximate Time: 1 hour