Click to enlargeCould Only Be Called A Miracle

Tuesday, September 1st, 2004, 12:30 am. My husband and I had just arrived home, Vince went to bed, before going to bed, I went into the chapel to pray. I noticed that a white pillar candle (I don't usually burn this type of candle in the chapel, unless its 100% beeswax, as these burn clean with no wax left) the flame was out, as if someone blew it out. I relit it, this white pillar candle is on a separate table with various statues. I lit a candle (one that is self contained in glass and is placed in another glass container), and checked on another pillar candle that was burning, (again I don't usually use these type of candles) and it was fine, it was on a very thick crystal base.These are on a separate table with a large staute of Our Lady of Fatima and a little staute of Father Solanus.

My petition to Our Blessed Mother was if she would ask her son, if he would find it in his heart to hear, my request. That my husband and I would live to be old and die together, that's the way it is suppose to be and if Our Blessed Mother would ask her son to allow this. Since we take care of our grandchildren. Then I went to bed, it was about 1:00 am on Tuesday. All I remember is, thinking I was dreaming, and kept wiping my nose, then it dawned on me "the chapels on fire!" At the same time the alarm clock went off, its 4:00 am, this woke Vince, he smelled the smoke and thought the house was on fire. As I jumped out of bed, I headed to the chapel (which is attached to our house), there was smoke in the hallway, living room, kitchen, dining and chapel.

A Calmness came over me, a peacefulness. What I saw was impossible! The table with the statue of Our Lady Of Fatima, the pillar candle had burned down to nothing, but it was so hot the glass base had shattered, the only fire was a little single flame, which I blew out. This is what I saw:

1. The pillar candle had melted to the front and down the table cloth, which was still intacked and onto the tile floor, splattering wax on the base of the cabinet underneath the main table and onto the wooden kneeler in front of it.

2. The candle that I had lit, the wax was all liquid, and most of the main cover was blackened, upon removing it, it broke in two, I had to use pot holders to remove the candle, it was hot. The candle next to it was hot as well.

3. The statue of Our Lady Of Fatima, had no fire damage to it at all, only smoke damage, the fire had burned AROUND the base of the statue!

4. The staute of Father Solanus, which was to the left of Our Lady, is burned in half. The right foot of Our Ladys statue did not even have smoke damage, it was untouched! There was a paper with names and petitions, to the left of Father Solanus statue that burn, I couldn't remember what it was till I touched it, it was ash. As I'm typing this out, Father Solanus statue is facing me, the right side of the statue is burned, not the left, but the petition paper is on the side of the statue that wasn't burned, how can the paper burn but not that side of the statue?!

5. The vase with roses, small crack, water had leaked to the left (amount impossible, there wasn't that much water in the vase) the rose to the right of the vase were ash.

6. Two 5 x 7 pictures where leaning against Our Ladys statue, they were gone, the rosary hanging from Our Ladys hands, the cross and first four beads were gone, the rest of the bead were melted.

7. After removing everything, I didn't realize that the wax had melted to the back of the table and onto the wall and floor.

There is no logical way that this could be. Everything should have burned, everything! The chapel should have been on fire, the house. Isn't God Wonderful, isn't Our Lady Miraculous! PRAISE BE GOD IN HIS ANGELS AND HIS SAINTS!