Contaminated Water/Air

Purify contaminated WATER for drinking:

Because of nuclear fallout, (Even fallout from Europe), this is the time when you most need the purified water which has been boiled with My Mother's medal..."the Miraculous Medal" for 14 minutes (rain water also can be used). Prepare large containers and sprinkle it on food and in your drinking water.

Contaminated AIR:

The St. Benedict Medal and the other Sacramentals you wear will protect you. God wants to see your childlike faith which says "Yes, Father as you wish," your conscious living in the Faith, because belief is not just some wonderful feeling but an act of will and intelligence. It grows in the heart and the people who have little intelligence or even sick souls can also believe because GOD CAN TEACH them like little children through their hearts and their earthly intelligence will not impede them. All thinking people, even if they concern themselves with earthly transitory things, SHOULD ALSO USE THEIR INTELLIGENCE IN FAITH.

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