Crusaders Mt Carmel Brown Scapular

This Scapular is just slightly smaller than the standard Brown Scapulars. The Cross of the Crusader is in a soft orange stitching, on 100% brown wool.

No other Scapular supersedes the Brown Scapular. It protects your soul from eternal damantion. Our Lady told St. Simon Stock that she will ' save the world through her (brown) Scapular & the Rosary.'

Miracles due to wearing this scapular: In Orange County, a surfer with about 4 other friends, were out aways, when one of the surfers fell off his board and into the water. Suddenly, a shark came up and started to go around the surfer in the water, the others watched in horror, because sharks attack! However, to their amazement, all the shark did was go around, and around, and around the surfer in the water, then he just left. The only reason they can attribute to being left unmolested by the shark was because the one in the water was wearing the Crusader Scapular. He told this story to the owner of the Scapular Co., and purchased more for his friends, and they refer to it as the surfers scapular, it protects against shark attacks. But we know it is the"Cross of the Crusaders Brown Scapular".


Crusader Short Scapular S-CS2$14.95
Crusader Long Scapular S-CS1$14.95