Earthquakes (protection for your houses)

The doors and window frames of your homes should be smeared with HOLY OIL or WAX and a St. Benedict Medal together with a Miraculous Medal and a Small Wooden Cross placed on each window. It need not be conspicuous.

"...When the stronger one comes, it will happen like this: The houses of the others will collapse because they have not been protected with HOLY OIL or SMALL CROSSES placed everywhere with faith and belief. Outside, at the Apparition Site, there will be no shaking at all. The more sinful a place is, the more diseased the soul, the stronger God will bring His mark upon the place and the people.

Place a small cross or a saints picture outside your front and back door as a beacon of light so that the angels will know that it is a home of the faithful. It Need not be conspicuous.

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