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In order to survive the tribulation by logic we should have in storage for several families for the 3.5 years a warehouse like Costco/Sams Club etc. etc. But, since we rely on God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, all Our Lord would like to see us do is at least try to store food for these end times.

Most of us, especially along the coastal areas will have to move anyways, so store as much as you can but be ready to leave and take what you can when it is time. Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary tells that the ones who say the rosary, try to live as we should and who do have faith, will be taken care of. Also, please read the expiration dates and rotate food accordingly.

However, during the tribulations, we must be charitable and yet prudent. Discernment on who we are charitable to, is also necessary. Heaven says that your food supply will be replenished. Please be prudent and secrecy is somewhat important as the military will confiscate your goods.

The following is only a guide. You may substitute for food of equal value. The brand names are not important! It is important to have supplies high in food value and that do not have to be cooked. Food may be warmed on top of your kerosene heater or wood stove. Remember, there will be NO gas, electricity or water.

This food list is based on the needs of FOUR persons for seven weeks.

MEATS AND FISH PRODUCTS: 4 cans (12 oz.) Libby's Corned-Beef products 7 cans (15 oz.) Canned Roast Beef Hash 5 cans (15 oz.) Corned-Beef Hash 10 cans (? oz.) Smoked Vienna Sausage 4 cans (7.75 oz.) Pink Salmon fish 12 cans (3.75 oz.) Beach-Cliff fish Steaks (Herring) 20 medium cans Tuna Fish

VEGETABLES: 7 cans (12 oz.) V-8 Vegetable Juice 4 cans (10.5 oz.) mixed Vegetable (or Vegetable vegetarian soup) 2 cans (10.5 oz.) Spanish-Style Vegetables (Gaz Pacho) 4 cans (8.5 oz.) Asparagus 2 cans (7.75 oz.) Spinach 2 cans (8.5 oz.) Carrots 4 cans (16 oz.) Zucchini Squash

FRUITS: 10 cans (16 oz.) "Fruit Cocktail" mixed fruit 6 cans (15 oz.) Mandarin Orange Segments-whole, peeled 1 box cans (15 oz.) Seedless Raisins 1 jar cans (3 lbs.) Grape Jelly 1 jar (2 lbs..) Strawberry Jelly 2 jars (8 oz.) Peanut Butter (or 2 lbs.) 4 cans (16 oz.) Dried Prunes (or box) 1 large can/jar of pineapple juice 1 large can of V-8 juice 1 large can/jar of prune juice 1 large can/jar of orange juice 1 large can/jar of apple juice 1 large can/jar of cranberry juice 1 large can/jar punch

MILK PRODUCTS: 7 boxes (10 half qt. envelopes/box) powdered milk (obtain 1 qt. jar for mixing milk) 4 boxes (ten 12.3 qt. envelopes) per box, Carnation Instant Breakfast 8 jars (5 oz.) Kraft Pasteurized Processed Cheeze-Spreat (Old English & Kraft)

SOUPS: 7 cans (11.25 oz.) Split-Pea with Ham & Bacon 7 cans (8.5 oz.) Peas & Carrots (Vegetable) 4 cans (11.25 oz.) Cream of Brocolli 4 cans (11.25 oz.) Cream of Mushroom 4 cans (11.25 oz.) Cream of Asparagus 4 cans (11.25 oz.) Cream of Chicken 7 cans of favorite soup 100 Dried soup such as Top Ramen. Well sealed!

SALT: 20 to 50 lbs of table salt & sea-salt. Salt will be invaluable and will be good for bartering.

PINTO BEANS: 50 - 100 lbs. of PINTO BEANS. Beans will be invaluable and will be good for bartering and an excellent protein source while being very filling. (you can also plant these if necessary).

RICE: Wild rice, white rice (Japanese, Calrose) Instant rice. Well sealed!

NUTS: 2 bags (2 lbs.) Assorted Shelled nuts (can be frozen until time to use) Well sealed! 1 bag (1 lb) Almonds in Shell (can be frozen until time to use) Well sealed!

SUGAR: 2 jars (qt. size) Honey (& Honeycomb) 1 gal. real Maple Syrup 5 lbs. sugar

STRAINED FOOD PRODUCTS: 100 Jars of various baby products for babies as well as seniors. applesauce is excellent for all people. 100 jars of various baby juice.

OPTIONAL FOOD: 1 Jar (20 1/2 oz.) Natural Stone-ground Fresh Horse radish 14 boxes (Large) Salted Crackers 7 cans (4 -5/8 oz.) cheeze spread (push-button).


NON-EATABLE PRODUCTS: Seeds for planting (vegetables) 14 gals. of water- for drinking 50 gals. of water for mixing milk & for washing (fill up your bathtub & preserve it as best you can). 1 nut cracker 2 can openers (for cutting cans as well as for prying open) Paper napkins (200+) Paper cups (200+) Vitamins (assorted) Urgent-Bee Pollen Silverware (sharp stainless steel knives) Plastic ware 300 ea. but mostly forks 1 gal. Soap for washing dishes 10 lbs soap for clothes non-sudsy 7 bars of non-allergic or your favorite soap for skin Brita filter or better brand for water just in case you need to drink well water, bath water or other. 7 packages of baby wipes (During Desert Storm, many soldiers washed themselves this way to keep clean).

AN ADEQUATE SUPPLY OF ALL NECESSARY MEDICINES: Bandages, iodine, betadine, mecuricrome, vasaline, rash medicines, vicks vaporizor, cough drops, cough & congestion medicine (NO ROBITUSSIN or narcotic medicines) choose wisely. Baby tylenol, Pedi-care or similar. Excedrine or other aspirin. Prescription drugs like asthma medication that can be possibly stored, WATCH FOR EXPIRATION DATES FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

BATHROOM NECESSITIES: 4 gals. Chlorox 7 LARGE bottles Lysol or Pine-sol Disinfectant MEDICAL & throw away GLOVES 7 large pack (8 rolls per pack, 1000 sheets per roll) toilet tissue 250 small bags for potty (store bags may be adequate if doubled) Rubber bands to tie potty bags and for other use. 2 large garbage pails w/lids to contain potty waste if you cannot build an out-house. For women: 4 boxes of large pads 24 count ea.. 2 boxes (30 gal. size) plastic bags for garbage and waste. Kerosene heater & 5 gal. container 9 - 10 containers equalling to 45-50 gallons of kerosene in a very safe place. 2 doz. of Quilts, blankets mostly queen & king size. Pillows Solar & wind-up radio or battery radio 24 ea. different sizes of batteries Cheap flashlights or 3 large- "battery-lights" with extra charged batteries (many extra flash lights needed). One large box of strike-anywhere matches Holy water Crucifix Blessed candles (5 or 7 day vigil lights)

(Note: This food list is only to a suggestion. Foods are different in different parts of the world.)