Thieves Oil (Good Samaritan Oil)

During the Plague of the 15th century, grave robbers did not become infected with the plague. These thieves were captured in Marseilles, France, and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims of the plague. The magistrate offered them leniency if they would reveal how they managed to avoid contracting the dreaded infection. These thieves were spice traders who had rubbed themselves with a mixture of aromatic herbs. The oils were studied and the combination was proven to work wonders. The essential oils contained in this blend are also known to stimulate circulation and help clear the respiratory system, and can effectively kill all harmful airborne bacteria and viruses in as little as 30 minutes according to Professor Griffon. Those that know about the power of diffusing Thieves Oil in their homes often notice that their children don't get sick as frequently. Diffuse for short periods of time, 20 minutes to hour or less. Spray on your pet's bedding. It can be used on mold too.

I was told that the Thieves would rub the oil on their face, nose area, hands and the bottom of their feet.

NOTE: Our Oil is Potent we use no carrier oil. We suggest that you find a carrier oil that you like. It is recommended that individuals that are; fair skinned, blue-eyed, redheads and those who tend to sunburn easily, need to dilute with a carrier oil, or massage oil base.

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