Click to enlargeMiracle In Lawrance, Kansas

Evening of August 23th, 2004, Lawrence, Kansas, had flooding due to 6 inches of rain within minutes. Mr. Brown called to his wife, when she got to the front door, it was flooding, the water was covering the mail box, which is about 50 or 60 feet from the front door.

Now they live on a slab foundation, as well as their neighbors on either side of them. There is one neighbor that has a basement that is behind them and they are on a high level then Mr and Mrs Brown house.

When Mrs. Brown saw what was happening, she ran and grabbed a bottle of holy water, is was "The Three Kings Holy Water", and started blessing the front door and windows, while praying (very hard), The Our Father and Hail Mary. As she ran to the back, her husband asked "what are you doing now!?", she told him to leave her be, she's praying, she blessed the back door and windows with The Three Kings Holy Water praying the Our Father and Hail Mary and asking that their home be spared from being flooded.

What happened next was unbelievable! The water had reached the first step, then it started to receed, the water was receeding around their house! They were spared, they were the only house that had no water damage of any kind! However, the neighbors on either side, as well as the one on the higher level, had flooded! This is impossible!

After the water had gone down, Mr. Brown assisted his neighbors with the clean up of their homes, removing carpet, furniture, etc. All he could say to them was that their house had no water damage, his wife couldn't understand why he didn't tell their neighbors it was because of the use of the Three Kings Holy Water, PRAYER and FAITH!

My guess, he was still in shock of what he had witnessed.