Protection from Nuclear Contamination and the Freeze

One of the following or all: *St. Joseph's Spring Holy Water, The Three Kings Holy Water, St. Sharbel Oil or/and The Weeping Crucifix Oil of Geno Marti

You should have a supply on hand. Three drops in food while cooking or in your drinking beverage or wash fruits and vegetables with a damp cloth soaked with the Holy water to avoid nuclear contamination.

The Freeze: We must be prepared for the great cold period. It will last for 7 weeks and be cold enough to split rocks. This is a world wide event and it shall be as cold as 90o below ZERO. This will be a warning (one of three) a punishment, an act of Justice and Mercy from the Eternal Father. You must prepare a food supply and blankets. Remember, there will be NO gas, electricity or water. Use Kerosene heaters or wood stoves.

Our Lord and Blessed Mother tell us that the ones who say the rosary, try to live as we should, and do have faith, will be taken care of. (The more we pray the shorter the freeze may be/the less we pray, the freeze could be longer than 7 weeks) We must however prepare to help ourselves, our families, and others. Procure as much as possible in order to share for the love of God and the salvation of souls.

Three drops of *St. Josephs Holy Water in your bulk water will keep water and other liquids from freezing.

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