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Emu Oil is derived from the Emu, a large flightless bird that is native to Australia. The fat, once rendered, produces a sterile, non-toxic, non-irritant skin oil that does not clog pores. The oil is hypoallergenic. It penetrates the skin easier than the renowned mink oil or any other natural oil because it does not contain a long chain of fatty acids.

Aborigines have used Emu Oil for thousands of years as a skin moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and to soothe burns, muscle aches and joint pains. The oil contains a high level of linoleic acid (a substance known to soothe muscle aches and joint pains), and oleic acid, which provides an anti-inflammatory effect. In Australia, doctors and scientists have been testing the oil for over 10 years. Emu Oil has become the most promising anti-aging product in rejuvenating skin and reversing hair loss.

Being the richest in essential fatty acids, Emu Oil is an excellent skin-hydrating product. It helps to promote natural healing, rejuvenate and freshen dry skin tissue, leading to soft supple skin. Continued use will help to “plump” up your skin’s underlying layer and some say, reduce the appearance of fine lines. Emu Oil is also very high in collagen, making it effective in healing skin problems, such as eczema as well as minor burns, cuts and scrapes.

Emu Oil has also been used to treat arthritis, shingles, rheumatism, bruises, insect bites, hemorrhoids, muscle pain, stretch marks, psoriasis, scar tissue, thinning hair, scalp problems, bursitis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, leg cramps, sunburn, joint aches & pain, dry or cracked lips, pregnancy stretch marks, cold and canker sores, wrinkles, headaches, dandruff, baby rash, warts, athlete's foot, and more! A little bit goes a LONG way!


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