The Quest for Hexgonal Kangen Water

Several years ago, Dr. David Carpenter, ND learned about ionized hexagonal Kangen water being used by Japanese health professionals. Japanese doctors were using low pH acid water to treat skin conditions including psoriasis, bed sores, diabetic ulcers and gangrene. They also had their patients drink alkaline hexagonal Kangen water for many different health conditions. Since doctors achieved consistently impressive results in Japan, when Dr. Carpenter returned to the US he began to search for a water ionizing device that would produce the same healing waters. (This was before Enagic Kangen™ water generators were available in the U.S.) (They were introduced in the US in 2003).

Dr. Carpenter purchased a number of water ionizers that were promoted as producing alkaline, microclustered, anti-oxidant water and tested them by giving his patients (who had various health issues) drinking water from these devices. No matter which brand he bought, his patients reported minimal, if any, effects on their health when they consumed the water as directed. No device produced the results that were consistently achieved in Japan. It became clear that devices available in the US simply did not produce the same quality of water as was used by Japanese health professionals.

According to Dr. Carpenter, one of the main differences was tht the water from the ionizing devices available in the US did not appear to contain much hexagonal water. "Green food supplement powders could not stay in suspension," Dr. Carpenter told us, "and that is one way I've come to learn to determine if hexagonal water is present in reasonable quantity." In addition, none of the devices could produce 2.5 pH acidic water which was used for treating skin conditions in Japan.

When the Enagic LeveLuck SD501 became available, Dr. Carpenter determined that it produced water that was much different than the other machines he had purchased and reasoned that it was because of a much higher percentage of hexagonal Kangen-grade water. "When I put my green food supplement powder in hexagonal Kangen water for the first time and shook it up, it stayed in supension and didn't fall to the bottom of the glass. It didn't matter how long the glass sat on my desk. The powder didn't sink to the bottom, I knew I had found something special and what I'd been search for," he explained. "I started seeing miracles happen with my patients," he continued. "I had never had one patient tell me they could tell any difference when thye were dreinking water from other devices. This water was special. Maybe on paper other machines appear to be equal, but the proof is in getting results," he concluded.

When it comes to your health, it pays to invest in the best. "If I had to have surgery, I would spend as much as required to get the best surgeon. That cost wouldn't really matter to me; what matters is the results," he said. "I've wasted thousands of dollars on water ionizing device that didn't work - the SD501 from Enagic gets results."

Dr. David Carpenter, My Associate @ Enagic™ KW-info