Rosaries and Chaplets

We are cleaning out our stock and reducing our items! We will no longer be carrying rosaries or chaplets! Once they are gone they are gone!


Click to enlargeJasmine Petal Rosary NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIMEFaith, tradition and artistry meet in our beautiful jasmine petal rosary. It is made in Spain, from crushed jasmine petals, made by the Carmelite Nuns. This rosary honors the Blessed Mother who is associated with both the fragrance of roses and the velvety blooms themselves. This Jasmine petal rosary from Spain combines crushed jasmine petals with fine silver tone chain and crucifix to create a superb example of monastic craft. 18" long, rosary comes in rosary box. A special Catholic rosary and gift from Italy for yourself or a loved one!

Click to enlargeSt. Benedict Rosary 20 3/4" Brown wood beads with silver oxidized St. Benedict centerpiece and crucifix.

Click to enlargeWood Tear Drop Rosary27" Beautiful wood tear drop style rosary with silver plated chain and Sacred Heart of Jesus centerpiece, with wooden crucifix. (Rosary pictured is just an exapmle of tear drop style rosaries)

Click to enlargeLadder RosaryYour "Ladder to Heaven" Rosary is a reminder that the easiest way to Jesus is through His Mother Mary. According to legend, St. Francis de Sales once had a vision of two ladders reaching to Heaven. One ladder was very steep and difficult to climb, while the second was shorter and much safer, and he noticed that this ladder was held by Mary. In the vision, St. Francis heard Jesus say "Tell your people to come to Me by this ladder, by way of My Mother." Choose one of our beautiful colors. The rosary is silver oxidized with a Blessed Mother centerpiece and crucifix. (Emerald Color Pictured)

Click to enlargeSt. Benedict Patron RosaryThis beautiful Italian rosary and lapel pin included. The rosary pictured has been discontinued.

Click to enlargeSt. Francis Patron Saint RosaryThis beautiful Italian rosary comes with a lapel pin. The rosary pictured has been discontinued.

Click to enlargeSt. Joseph Patron Saint RosaryThis beautiful Italian rosary and lapel pin. The rosary pictured has been discontinued

Click to enlargeSt. Jude Patron Saint RosaryThis a beautiful Italian rosary with lapel pin. The rosay pictured has been discontinued.

Click to enlargeSt. Padre Pio Patron Saint RosaryThe rosary picutred has been discontinued. We do have a beautiful rosary with lapel pin from Italy.

Click to enlargeRosary AlbumA VISUAL AND SCRIPTURAL MEDITATION ON THE ROSARY. A top favorite of young children and adults! Booklet includes over 200 original black and white illustrations (one for each bead!) by the late Mr. Michael Buccino. The artist began these drawings to help his children meditate more easily on the Rosary. I came up with the idea that if they had a book with pictures it might keep their minds on meditating while they were praying and would be better able to concentrate on the Rosary. So I got started working on the Rosary Album, which took me 18 years to put together. The book has brought the rosary to life. There is a picture and scripture verse for each bead. The Litany of Our Lady (with illustrations) is also woven into each mystery. For all ages. 72 pp.

Click to enlargeOur Lady Of Guadalupe RosaryThis Rosary is a beautiful Italian rosary and lapel pin included. The one pictured is no longer available, discontinued.

Click to enlargeOur Lady of Seven Dolores Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Michael the Archangel Chaplet
Click to enlargeHoly Infant Chaplet -OUT OF STOCK
Click to enlargeSt. Anthony Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Peregrine Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Gerard Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Joseph Chaplet -OUT OF STOCK
Click to enlargeSt. Theresa Chaplet
Click to enlargeImmaculate Conception Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Francis Rosary with Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Patrick Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Dymphna Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Philomena Chaplet
Click to enlargeSt. Anne Chaplet -OUT OF STOCK-