The Three Days of Darkness

"Always have ready and at hand your objects of protection: blessed waxed candles (with some bees wax),your medals, your pictures and holy objects from which flow all blessings..."

Keep water, blankets and food in your homes.

"ONLY BLESSED WAX CANDLES WILL GIVE LIGHT. One such candle will suffice for each household during the three days of darkness. They will not give light in the homes of the impious and blasphemers.

Close your windows, draw your shades! Remain Inside, do not venture outside of your door or you will not return. Do not look outside your windows, those that do will perish. Do not try to take your animals into your homes. They will be taken care of, put a St. Benedict Medal around their neck. PRAY!

Prostrate yourselves upon your floors. Pray with your arms outstretched, and beg mercy from God, the Father. Keep a 24 hr. vigil of prayer (mechanical clocks will only work). Our Lady said the darkness will last 72 hours, no more, no less.

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