To Prevent and Treat the Plague

"As a preventative measure one is to drink ST. JOHNS HERB TEA; it must have been taken FROM THE LEAVES of the plant without fruit and blossoms. One small swallow of the tea during the day is sufficient to prevent the plague. If nausea and headache have already appeared, you must drink ST JOHNS HERB & VIOLET TEA, which also helps chest pain and in evening YARROW TEA. At the same time YOU MUST PRAY; 'FATHER OF MERCY!' The bacilli germs will be in the air, food & in the water.

I'll now describe how the disease appears so that you can recognize it early enough. A person who rarely gets a fever SUDDENLY HAS A HIGH FEVER without having a cold. Thereafter follows PAIN INSIDE THE HEAD, GUT AND CHEST. THE HEADACHES ARE NOT NORMAL which you get from a cold or from the weather. They're different from the headaches caused by tumors or kidney disease or by high or low blood pressure or diabetes, for example, or from sicknesses by which headaches appear as a sign and warning signal of the body. The pain is neither the pulling nor the drilling type, but violent. AND NO HEADACHE MEDICINE CAN RELIEVE IT OR HELP IT.

This phase continues FOR ABOUT TWO WEEKS. If one does nothing about it, it develops further. DIARRHEA LIKE WITH OTHER INFECTIONS (stomach and intestinal flu) - all of this is accompanied by high fever and attacks of fatigue.

Then the first signs appear on the body - at first with intense itching like with other skin diseases - BUT THEN PUS-FILLED PIMPLES APPEAR AND EVERYTHING SPREADS VERY QUICKLY. AFTER ABOUT 3 WEEKS THE ENTIRE BODY IS COVERED WITH THESE SORE SPOTS AND THE FEVER SUBSIDES: The body has been so weakened that it can no longer fight back with fever which is usually a defense mechanism of the body against the disease. At times loss of consciousness alternates with hallucinations and spells of dizziness so that the person can no longer leave his bed. It takes only 3 or 4 more weeks before the person is dead.

This is the course which the illness takes if absolutely nothing is done about it. Since everyone goes to the Doctor with even the slightest symptoms of illness, the person will likely receive an injection which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and there will 'seemingly' be an improvement. This is a deception: BECAUSE THE ILLNESS CANNOT BE HEALED BY AN ANTIBIOTIC. Only the body's warning signals disappear and the person lives another 3 to 6 months - longer is not possible and no herb recommended from Heaven can help anymore.

And that's why I advise you AT THE VERY FIRST SIGN TO DRINK THE ABOVE MENTIONED TEAS AND TO PRAY: because THEY ONLY HELP IN A SUPERNATURAL WAY IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE REVELATIONS FROM HEAVEN. That means that it's not the plant from which the tea is made which has the power to heal you, which is often the case with other plants and other diseases.

IT IS GOD WHO HEALS AND HE DOES THIS ON ACCOUNT OF YOUR BELIEF which you can prove by receiving My revelations and following them. If you follow them superficially, the tea WON'T HELP you. It then becomes clear who the false and insincere believer is and who is true and sincere. I WILL SPREAD MY MANTLE OVER THOSE WHO ARE FAITHFUL.

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