Your Soul

Our Lady: Consecrate yourselves daily to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Holy Ghost and to Myself (Immaculate Heart of Mary). Don't forget a prayer to the Angels, the most blessed being and St. Michael Chaplet. That is the only protection for you. Go equipped with these prayers to your job, on the way to wherever you're going - regardless where. DON'T FORGET THAT EVERY CHILD OF MARY MUST PRAY AT LEAST ONE ROSARY PER DAY. Pray and give thanks before & after meals. When taking food between meals, at least make a small sign of the Cross at your mouth.

Those who want to atone for their sins and thereby greatly shorten their purgatory, must pray somewhat more. They should pray at least two rosaries daily - and in between small invocations rosaries like short and fervent prayers as atonement for the many insults that are made to God which people themselves have already caused through their sins.

Wear the Lady of the Ark Scapular of Atonement. You will atone for yours sins on earth rather than in purgatory. Those who wear the St. Benedict Medal and/or The St. Sharbel Scapular will be protected especially from possession from the demons, as these are exorcism sacramentals.

PRAYER, PENANCE, FASTING and SACRIFICE is the road to salvation!

"Did I Not promise you, my sweet children, that even if only one member of the family would say the holy rosary everyday, I would save that family? I keep my promises to my children, if you have faith and believe in my words, for these words not only come from my Immaculate Heart, my sweet children, as Queen of Heaven and Earth, but they come from the TRIUNE GOD."

BLESS YOUR ENEMIES, PRAY FOR THEM, THEN YOU DISARM THEM. When you feel oppressed by the devil, then pray short and fervent prayers, call upon the Holy Names and the Archangel Michael, try to receive confession as often as possible. Receive Sacraments TO WIN INDULGENCES for you and your loved ones, HELP SAVE SOULS, THEN YOU'LL BE SAFE IN GOD'S HANDS.

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